Bob Longmore's plant of the week:

Bob Longmore grows these two edible plants in his Nannup garden.

Buddah’s hand (Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis)

Buddah’s hand (Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis) is a citrus with fruit segmented into finger-like sections, resembling a human hand.

The fruit is very fragrant and is mostly used for perfuming rooms and clothing.  It can be candied like fruit from an orange or lemon.

Its cultural requirements are similar to lemons.  It can be kept in a big pot and will reach 3m-4m tall if planted in improved garden soil.


Leafless peas ‘Lacy Lady’

Leafless peas ‘Lacy Lady’ are a dwarf green, podded pea that is considered to be semi leafless or leafless.

They have a few leaves and many tendrils which contribute to photosynthesis in a similar way to leaves. They are a vigorous plant which is popular because they are less likely to be damaged by severe weather and more drought tolerant than conventional peas. Plant them from pea seeds so they grow in the cooler months.

Buddah's hand citrus fruit in Bob Longmore's garden.JPG
Leafless pea 'Lacy Lady' in Bob's garden.JPG