Episode 93: Matthew Evans Gourmet Farmer on the Ethics of Eating Meat



Catch Deryn and Steve at the Kleenheat Kitchen at the Perth Garden Festival from Thursday to Sunday. This is the most exciting week in Perth's gardening year, make sure you don't miss it!

Welcome to All the Dirt Podcast

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Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe combine decades of gardening, sustainability and environmental knowledge to create Australia's most popular gardening podcast.

The podcast won the 2018 Horticultural Media Association of Australia award for the best audio presentation in Australia.

With regular topics, chats with horticultural experts, DIY tips and information about plants, food and sustainability, All the Dirt Podcast, provides information to get you growing!

Meet our Presenters:

Deryn Thorpe

Presenter Deryn Thorpe is a fanatical Perth gardener and award winning print and radio garden journalist who writes regularly in garden magazines and is passionate about creating beautiful and healthy home gardens. www.derynthorpe.com.au

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Steve Wood

Presenter Steve Wood is an Australian horticultural talk back radio and gardening TV presenter, with more than 40 years' experience in wholesale nursery production. He has a special interest in showing people how easy it is to grow food at home.

All The Dirt Goes Live!


Join us for our live episode this week as Steve discusses microgreens, Sabrina talks Banksias and Brugmansia "Orange Marmalade" and Deryn Thorpe shows us her favorite Tea roses.


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