Deryn’s Plant of the week:

Philodendron Xanadu

Philodendron Xanadu belongs to the family Araceae and subgenus Meconostigma. It was originally discovered in Western Australia. Deryn describes this shade plant as the “landscaper’s friend” because of its beautiful lush, tidy leaves. It is incredibly tough and grows up to 40cm tall. It’s compact growth habit and decorative leaves make it a perfect addition to your garden.


Steve’s Plant of the week:

Ruscus Aculeatus (Butcher’s Broom)

Ruscus aculeatus is a summer dormant shrub that is native to Italy. The common name “butchers broom” originates from it use of scrubbing butchers blocks and cleaning chimneys. Steve describes it as the “florist’s favourite” due to its instructive nature and its beautiful dark emerald green foliage. Ruscus is a relative of the asparagus family and stems can but cut up to 1 metre long. These decorative stems can be kept in a vase for up to 6 months. Ruscus looks fantastic on its own or when paired with some beautiful flowers.

Dean Boudewyns