Episode 4: Plant of the Week

Steve's Plant of the Week

Phalaenopsis Blume, also known as Moth Orchids, are a fantastic indoor plant. They have an amazing longevity. They will last inside the home between three and four months. They are very easy to care for and a great indoor plant to give as a gift. When these orchids have finished flowering, cut it off at the base of the plant. This will initiate a new flush of leaves with new flowers within another few months. In order to bring the Moth Orchids back into full flower, they require a liquid feed (at half strength). 


Deryn's Plant of the Week

ZZ Plant

A sculptural indoor plant with fleshy branches and oval-leaves that resemble feathers.  The plant has a waxy, shiny coating and is indestructible if you don’t overwater.  Survives low light conditions.

Steve Wood