Place one cup of quality compost or worm castings into a netted back. Fill a 20 litre bucket with rain water or if using tap water allow to stand for 24 hours to give the chlorine time to dissipate. Place the bag of compost into the water and add an air stone connected to a pond aerator that puts out approx 1000 - 2000 litres of air per hour. Now add 2 tablespoons of Kelp, 2 tablespoons of Molasses and 2 tablespoons of Full Fat Soya Bean Meal. Each of these ingredients are available from your local livestock supply shop. Allow to bubble away for 24 - 36 hours. Place a cup of the brew when finished into a 9 litre watering can or 2 cups into a 5 litre knapsack spray and apply to the soil preferably early evening so as no to harm the microbes with direct hot sun. Entire brew should be used within 24 hours after brewing is completed.

Dean Boudewyns